close up clown TS

Giant Clown Cake Pops

These fun edible clowns are perfect for a child’s birthday, or for when you’re bored on a Wednesday and feeling loopy. Both are valid reasons.

spring donuts 1 square

Spring Donuts

Strawberries? Check. Grapefruit? Check. Sprinkles? Check, check, check. Hop on the spring bandwagon with these fun little baked donuts.

avocado dill egg salad square

Avocado Dill Egg Salad (Mayo Free!)

The perfect post-Easter snack. Mayo-free, nutrient packed, and loaded with flavor. The perfect Spring dish.

Egg Free Vanilla Cupcakes

Egg Free Vanilla Cupcakes

The perfect egg-free, nut-free cupcake recipe that isn’t vegan. So you can use all that butter you have stored in your fridge. Also, endlessly adaptable. Need a cake? No probs this bakes up in to two 6-inch rounds, need them to be chocolate? You got it! Swap out some flour for cocoa. Seriously. You need this in your arsenal.

egg sliced square

Baked Egg Scramble Boat

Wherein I rant about spring like a crazy person and give you the best thirty minute brunch recipe ever created.

donts above square

Classic Donuts

Guys, it has been almost a month since I last posted. I’m a terrible person! But I promise it’s all for the best. Firstly, because I made you donuts, and those will brighten just about everyone’s day. And secondly, because I got a new job! I’m so very excited about it, and I’m hoping it… 

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fried chicken rack square

Fried Chicken to Rule the World

Guys, this fried chicken will blow your mind. KFC will be banging down your door because you’ll put them out of business. Trust.

ta da egg cream square

Classic Egg Cream

Three simple ingredients to the best Valentine’s day snack. Chocolate optional.

amaretto star cake square

Amaretto Cake with Chocolate Mousse Filling

A decadent heavy cream and butter laced cake soaked in amaretto, topped with an airy chocolate mousse and slathered in a hazelnut and amaretto buttercream. What could possibly be wrong with that?

vinaigrette bottle square

Basic Vinaigrette Dressing

Save money and your waistline but whipping up a basic vinaigrette that may actually make you excited to eat your greens. If not excited then at least you can be excited about saving money right? Right.

pizzaah slice square


I classed up pizza. The New Yorker in me is slightly aghast but impressed at the same time. But it’s got prosciutto so you can’t stay mad for long.

honey citrus roast chicken

Citrus Roasted Chicken

Who said roasted chicken had to be boring? Brighten up your day with this citrus and honey roasted chicken. It doesn’t take any longer than your regular roasted chicken. So what are you waiting for?