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The internet and scattered thoughts on sticky buns.

brekkies stacked

Brekkies (a.k.a. Breakfast Cookies)

Breakfast in a cookie. Refined sugar free, portable, and did I mention it’s a cookie? It’s a cookie. For breakfast. Brilliant!


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The internet is a strange and magical place.

smokey cherry margs

Spicy Smokey Cherry Cocktail for Two

The perfect smokey sweet cocktail with a little kick to ring out the summer or ring in the school year. You decide.

rose garden

Stuff & Things

Let’s pretend that Trump and ISIS aren’t real and focus on the cuter things in life. Yesh?


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The internet strikes back.

berry buddy 3

Uncommon Goods GIVEAWAY!



Stuff & Things

Dream boat Disney princes, dressed up squirrels, and helpful mailmen in this week’s internet round up folks.

close up bowl cc ic

Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream

When the heat’s got you down and you really want cheesecake but can’t be bothered to turn on the oven for an hour plus. Make this instead.

hells gate

Stuff & Things

Wherein we discuss children, and cats, and poor decisions.

nyt vs nestle plate

Chocolate Chip Cookie Throwdown Part 3

The throwdown continues for round three. The apparently unbeatable New York Times versus the OG Nestlé Toll House. And who’s the winner? Take a guess.

New York Botanical Garden

Stuff & Things

Exciting stuff on the interwebs this week!