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Whoa guys, it’s September. It’s chilly and it’s September and i LOVE it!

Wanna know what I’ve been up to since Vacation?

1. Labor Day weekend is arguably one of my favorite holidays ever (second only to Christmas) since The BF introduced me to crabbing. Guys crabbing is the greatest. You throw a chicken leg on a string over the side and just way for them to try and walk away with it. We got at least 40 crabs this year. Best afternoon ever.

Big bucket o' crabs

Big bucket o’ crabs

2. My favorite little man turned 5 on Tuesday and I made him funfetti cupcakes with strawberry frosting. And then I sobbed a little when his mom posted his first day of school picture. Not even my kid and I’m amazed at how quickly he grew up. That’s okay though, they just had a second kid so I can start loving him as the replacement toddler. KIDDING (onlysorta)

I even helped clean the legs. I squirmed a lot.

I even helped clean the legs. I squirmed a lot.

3. I took 1 photo on my phone while on vacation. I took 700 on the camera, but only 1 on my phone. It’s not even that spectacular.

Not so Belgian-waffle in Belgium

Not so Belgian-waffle in Belgium

4. I’m trying to push my photograph skills so I’m doing the Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge. You can see what everyone else is photographing as well as what I’ve been doing over on instagram.

Day 3 - Lines.

Day 3 – Lines.

5. I had a kitchen disaster this weekend – i curdled a batch of popsicles by adding too much whiskey at the wrong time (don’t ask) and I mixed the batter for a batch of cupcakes wrong so they didn’t rise while baking, oh and all the sprinkles sunk to the bottom. Whomp.

What I read this week:

Guys How Sweets did it again – banana, pb, bacon, and whiskey. The King would be proud. I’m excited to make ’em.

The BF has requested these popsicles. Even though they don’t have a single ingredient in there that I like. Well except for the tequila. I like that. I guess I’ll make ’em cuz I love him. We’ll see.

Did you know you can bake feta? Me neither, totes doing that this weekend.

Oh and these cookies, are SO happening. Did I ever tell you about that one weekend last winter where I bought a package of birthday cake golden Oreo’s and shared only like 5 with my friends? I didn’t? Well now you know my shame. They’re so good though, totes worth it.

What are your plans for the first faux-fall weekend?

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  1. BFs mom says

    How come you didn’t mention the crab that walked away with the string and all! Or throwing the chicken leg over and not tying the string to the boat? Some good snacks for those crabs!

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