Stuff ‘n’ Things Volume 4

Howdy my Chitlins! Did anyone else have Columbus Day off? My company does, mostly because I think we would all lose our sanity with our busy season just seconds around the corner. While I’m still tweaking my apple pie recipe (and contemplating making my own pie dough in the process) I thought I would rekindle my Stuff ‘n’ Things series. (If you can call a 4th post about something a series).

Anyhoodle, read on!

1. The BF and I took a trip to Philadelphia this weekend to visit my aunt and uncle and get in some museum-gazing and history. Sadly due to the government shutdown (boo-hiss!) we were unable to go into Independence Hall, or the Liberty Bell Center, or any of the other cool historic monuments. But we did go to Federal Donuts (OH.EM.GEE!) and Jim’s Diner for some cheesesteak, so it wasn’t a total bust.

Blackberry Anise and fresh Vanilla Lavender

Blackberry Anise and fresh Vanilla Lavender

2. I have another aunt and uncle who run a reclaimed wood business (with a very famous clientele!) and they so graciously agreed to make a wood dining table for me and The BF. I got some sneak peeks this past week and CANNOT wait for it to be delivered on Saturday. The jury is still out on whether we’ll be christening said table with shots, or pie, or dinner, or all three. I’m leaning heavily towards the shots myself.


3. The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap is back in action for 2013! I signed up the instant I heard about it. Now to start scheming cookie flavors….I think I want something soft and chewy. Obviously with sprinkles – and maybe with a creme center…. Oh the possibilities!

4. The BF found this awesome shirt company the other day and I basically want all the shirts.

5. Do you guys follow Maccha Cat on Instagram? She’s a Scottish Fold. Basically they always look like that picture of Puss in Boots from Shrek 2. Anyway, they gave her a bath recently. Tell me that’s not adorable.


6. Another adorable cat Instagram is Princess Monster Truck. I’m in love not only with her name, but with her adorable underbite. I am such a sucker for deformed animals.

princess monster truck

7. Since I’m on a roll with the animal Instagrams. Do you guys know Yogurt the Pirate? Oh man this one kills me. So presh, don’t you agree? She’s just so stoked for the attention.

yogurt the pirate

Stuff I pinned this week:

Mini Hard Cider cupcakes -I’m a sparkling cider addict but I can definitely get my groove on with a good still hard cider. This seems like just the ticket!

Chocolate Mousse with stout? Sign me up! I’m already dreaming about this one.

If I’m not totally over the whole apple thing after this weekend with my 3rd apple pie in the making – I’m totes making caramel apple FUNNEL CAKES! Also, if I master this I imagine it will only make my argument stronger to The BF that we need a deep fryer. Just a small counter-top one – nothing too crazy.

As if I needed more fuel for my brussels sprouts addiction. This right here. Perfection.

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