Stuff ‘n’ Things: Volume 5

PSU cheerleader

Me at approximately 3 years old. Sadly I don’t think this was Halloween related. Just a regular occurrence in our household.

There has been a lot floating around the interwebs lately that has caught my attention. We all know you’re procrastinating on a Friday waiting for that 5 o’clock bell to chime for happy hour. Let me help you out and make those hours dwindle faster.

1. Edward Burtynsky: I admit I am the first to inwardly panic at the thought of what we’re doing to our planet. But these photos are just so stunning you almost forget what they’re about.

2. There are a million reasons to love NYC but this project of photographing strangers together is one of the more creative uses of our masses of anonymous individuals that I’ve seen.

3. Ok, you know that scene in How The Grinch Stole Christmas where his heart grows three size and it bursts the little frame? Yeah, that’s basically exactly what happened when I watched this birthday message. Except my heart exploded. Straight up in pieces.

grinch heart

4. I swear I’m not a baby person. Honestly, until you can hold them without fear of squishing them they pretty much terrify me. But these selfies? Priceless.

5. So, my family are all die hard Penn State fans, and I know I’m supposed to hate Ohio State. But for reals, their marching band puts everyone else to shame. I mean seriously.

6. I’ve been a quiz addict for as long as I can remember. I mean who doesn’t like someone else decoding your weird idiosyncrasies? But telling me that I should live in New Mexico? Nothankyouplease.

7. And last but not least, my two favorite halloween costumes this year. Tuna dressed up as a spicy tuna roll (omgdon’tyoujustdie?!).

spicy tuna roll

The BF’s adorable little niece got the cutest duck costume from her grandma. Tell me that doesn’t just steal your heart.

Charlie Duck

Recipes I saved this week:

It’s butternut squash season folks! Let’s do this thing!

Obviously I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to give up ice cream season.

The BF loves alfredo sauce but I absolutely cannot stand it. But this cauliflower version might change my mind.

The Melt cookbook is finally out and they’ve been posting some recipes that didn’t make it into the final version: Havarti Phyllo Chicken Pie. All those words sound tasty.

Smitten has been in pursuit of pizza nirvana for years. Apparently she has finally touched upon it. I’m taking notes.

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  1. Mom says

    Great post! I loved the piece about the photographs of strangers posing together in NYC.
    But my favorite is the picture of you in your PSU cheerleader uniform.

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