Stuff ‘n’ Things: Volume 7

Happy Friday, y’all! Ready to kill some time? Let’s do this thing.


When I was working last Saturday and had *ahem* some downtime, I found this on a friend’s facebook page, they’re realistically colorized historical photos. Have I ever mentioned I’m a big time history nerd? I definitely squeed my pants looking through these.

Of course no weekend would be complete without some Buzzfeed trolling. A long time ago I used to have a boyfriend who was all about about conspiracy theories. Needless to say it didn’t last long. Never argue conspiracy theories with a history nut. It won’t end well. But these look-a-like photos do make you pause for a minute and wonder, “I mean, could time travel be possible? Maybe just a little bit?” At the very least they’re a bit creepy.

After our trip to Holland and Belgium this summer I am so ready for NYC to become a legitimately friendly bike city. Actually the whole US could use a little healthy activity in their lives. Persnaps this amazing invisible helmet will get people thinking more. So cool!

Let the German art horde saga begin! I am so ready for these courtroom battles. I’d love to meet the restitution specialists they’ve rounded up for the research. Am I nerding out too much for you? Sorry.

Let’s bring it down a notch. How about these whackadoodle Pinterest ideas. Um, can we all pause for a moment and say, why in God’s name would you ever want to put your Christmas tree upside down? On a side note: there was this great family run restaurant by my college that always had an inflatable hooked on to the ceiling fan in the dining room. Of course during Christmas it was a giant Christmas tree inflatable, that was upside down. As were all the inflatables actually.

Speaking of Christmas trees, is it too early for Christmas music yet? It flurried up here on Tuesday so I vote no. So feat your ears on this awesome rendition of the sugar plum fairy.

Things I pinned this week:

Maple bacon donuts. I have no more words.

Mac ‘n’ cheese with bacon AND Brussels sprouts. Sweet baby Jesus. yespleaseandthankyoui’lleatitall.

I heart chocolate cream pie so I’m intrigued about slapping it into a brownie. I don’t know if I’m ready to go there yet, but maybe one day.

Brussels sprouts latkes. Why in heavens name has this never occurred to me before?

I’m in charge of the dairy-free pumpkin pie this year. I think I’ve nailed down what I’m doing, but this is a great list of all the different ways to make it.

And for good measure, some bread pudding with pecans and bourbon. It’s all my favorite things.

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