Stuff ‘n’ Things: Volume 16

I almost wrote “valium” instead of volume. It that tells you anything about my week thus far.

I bought two books for The BF’s niece this week, because it’s never too early to fall in love with books and become a hoarder like me. I hope I teach her well. They’re both beautiful. One won the Caldecott award and is about A FLAMINGO. (affiliate link!) I purchased it as soon as I found out about it (thanks Josie!)

Also I discovered my favorite contemporary painter has a counting book using all his food paintings. (affiliate link!) Obviously I purchased that in a hot second as well.

Have you guys seen the adorable video of the hamster eating tiny burritos?

Or the hamster who eats so many carrots he can hardly walk? Sir, where are you going with all those carrots?

When we were kids we had the children’s encyclopedia that we used to read as bedtime stories. (We were so nerdy). And one of them was about the animals in Africa and had the the creepiest picture of meerkats. So creepy that I had to tape a piece of paper over it because it gave me nightmares. I’ve since grown out of my meerkat fear and while I never watched their reality show (seriously?) this guy makes me want to be a meerkat photographer. OHMIGOSHTHECUTE!

Since we’re on an animal kick, how about this handy guide for appropriate petting zones. I can confirm this is mostly true. My goldfish Sherman and Antoine did enjoy head pets though.

Apparently Michael Cera looks like everyone ever in the history of time. Trippy.

In other news, The BF and I are finally upgrading our desk chair after 2 years of misery. Do you guys have any recommendations for something that is stylish AND comfortable? It’s been an epic battle.

flatiron building

But wait! There’s more!

Stuff I pinned this week:

I added to my chocolate chip cookie files this week. Twice.

I know I declared this the summer of funky ice cream but I should probably also not forget about the classics.

As soon as I manage to scrape off the brownie catastrophe that is currently baked onto my skillet I intend to make this delectable breakfast concoction.

I’ve made brioche once in my life and distinctly remember feeling like a prisoner with the amount of time that it took. But if being a prisoner means heavenly little donuts, I may have to rethink my ban on brioche dough.

With my recent declaration of love for tequila, this may be my new summer drink of choice.

My love for grapefruit might just outweigh my fear of pie crust for this.

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  1. Mom says

    You have my vote for grapefruit pie! We’ll have freshly squeezed grapefruit juice for our Pro Secco this weekend :)

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