Stuff ‘n’ Things: Volume 20

Alright kids let’s see what the internet unveiled for us this week:

Planet cakes. Baking on a whole new level. For reals.

Guys, German bread bakeries are apparently under threat of extinction. How sad. I want to go there and support them all!

For living in the Greekest neighborhood in all of NYC, apparently all the Greek food I’ve been eating is a sham. Oh the horror. It’s still delicious though.

Ok, I’m probably a broken record by now but MORE COOKIE SCIENCE! It’s filled with a billion links too if you feel like venturing down the rabbit hole (we all know I did).

Do you guys know fancy chickens? I’ve been trying to convince The BF that we need one (named Liberace, because duh). I’m trying a new tactic, a taxidermied fancy chicken instead. (you can see the whole awesome house tour here!)

I think I need to create a similar machine for Boo so he can get his exercise.

There is apparently an abandoned island near NYC that no one can get to except by special permission. New life goal: get permission to go to this island. Then move in.

eagle scout snacks, cherry scones, and the lake

marshmallow, coconut, cashew, and oreo Eagles // cherry lime scones // the best view for a weekend


Since today is apparently National Donut Day I thought I’d share with you some donut recipes I’ve pinned. Let’s roll!

The Old Fashioned. You can’t hate the original.

Cake donuts:  baked or fried. Choose wisely.

Let’s get creative. Cornbread variety comin’ right up.

Coffee. Biscoff. Bacon. Donuts. {faint}

Here’s Saveur’s round up from their donut issue (which I missed! Waah!!)

And of course, a buttermilk variety. Because buttermilk.

What else is happenin’ on the webs?

Happy Wedd put my cake pops in their round up of wedding DIY favors.

Happy Frydee!! Go make some donuts. [insert donut emoji here]


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