Hi. My name is Ace. I’m the drunken mess baker behind this blog. I don’t photograph well, it seems my good side is never the side you get to see in photos. I apologize for that.

1 liter beer at the beer garden.

I’m a self-taught baker and cook living in New York with my awesome cat Mr. Schrödinger Bean (his name has a really great story, I’ll tell you some time). You can call him Boo, he doesn’t mind.

Oh hai thurr.

I started baking the year after I graduated college. Here’s a picture of the first real cake I baked, entirely from scratch. I’m not an artist either it seems. I’ll add that to the list. Again, my apologies.

First from-scratch cake. (That’s my dad on the right!)


I guess that about sums it up. I try to keep the recipes here simple. But if you have any questions or special requests you can email them to me at thetoastedsprinkle [at] gmail [dot] com. I’d be more than happy to oblige!

Hugs and cupcakes,



  1. Marianne Fisher says

    Hi Ace – Marianne Fisher here. One of Mom’s book club members. Can’t get over how much you look like her – more than when we last met. Loved your site and site name. When I can afford a few more calories, will try one of your recipes. Good Luck and have fun with it. Marianne

      • says

        You seem like a pro, for sure; I just love how bright and yet cozy it is. (I was shocked at the WP reader “followers” count… I feel like they don’t record e-mail followers or something–you should be famous!) Lovely photos, good taste, can’t wait to try your food!

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