Hi. My name is Ace. I’m the drunken mess baker behind this blog. I don’t photograph well, it seems my good side is never the side you get to see in photos. I apologize for that.

1 liter beer at the beer garden.

I’m a self-taught baker and cook living in New York with my awesome cat Mr. Schrödinger Bean (his name has a really great story, I’ll tell you some time). You can call him Boo, he doesn’t mind.

Oh hai thurr.

I started baking the year after I graduated college. Here’s a picture of the first real cake I baked, entirely from scratch. I’m not an artist either it seems. I’ll add that to the list. Again, my apologies.

First from-scratch cake. (That’s my dad on the right!)

People always seem stunned when you say, “I made that from scratch.” But you’d be surprised, the only thing a box mix has that your fresh-baked good doesn’t, is a crap load of ingredients that I can’t pronounce. Otherwise, they just mixed the flour and sugar and baking soda together for you. If you can stir a spoon and turn on a stove, you can bake. Unless you’re my mother, then maybe it’d be best if you just stayed out of the kitchen and let other people take care of things.

But seriously. You’re not going to be creating tiered cakes with elaborate icing right off the bat (have you seen my attempts at elaborately decorated sugar cookies? A small child with tremors could do better). But here’s a secret: just because you can pipe fancy roses on something doesn’t mean it’s going to taste any better than that 2-layer cake with the simple smear of frosting. If it’s the same recipe, odds are they’ll both taste delicious. Plus, anything fresh tastes magical anyway.

I guess that about sums it up. I try to keep the recipes here simple. But sometimes I do crazy things (like that time I agreed to make two weddings cakes for one wedding, or that  other time I made over 120 cupcakes for a wedding, yeah.) and the ingredient list is a little longer, and the time spent making the product is a bit more (or hours more, sorry!) but I’ll warn you from the beginning. That way you aren’t 3 hours into a project with no end in sight and cursing my soul (I really don’t need other people cursing me, I do a pretty good job of that on my own, thanks though). So I hope you enjoy.


  1. Marianne Fisher says

    Hi Ace – Marianne Fisher here. One of Mom’s book club members. Can’t get over how much you look like her – more than when we last met. Loved your site and site name. When I can afford a few more calories, will try one of your recipes. Good Luck and have fun with it. Marianne

      • says

        You seem like a pro, for sure; I just love how bright and yet cozy it is. (I was shocked at the WP reader “followers” count… I feel like they don’t record e-mail followers or something–you should be famous!) Lovely photos, good taste, can’t wait to try your food!

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