Blue Cheese Butternut Squash Pizza (with Bacon!)

Oh hey y’all! How’s it hanging? I made some fall pizza for yunz (name that accent!).

We’ve been having some absolutely gorge fall weather in NYC this year. Easily the nicest, mildest transition from summer into fall we’ve had in the last five years. It is absolutely divine. The evenings have that nice buttery light with a slight crisp in the air, that smells so fresh even in the city. Makes me wish I could just grab it all in a giant hug and squish it.

You don’t get that? Just me? Okay then…..moving on.

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Summer Pizza

Oh man Chitlins! Do you guys have farmer’s markets near you? Because the Union Square Greenmarket is just bursting with amazeballs summer produce right now. It’s a veritable panoply of choices, I can hardly control myself. The best part though, is that I’m not the only one obsessively taking photos of produce now.  It seems like everyone in New York is fascinated with all the colors!

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Bacon

I don’t know if you remember, but I kinda have this thing where I decide not to cook food in season. So while everyone else is baking lemon loaves and pastel Easter cookies, I’m trying to get one last fling in with my winter veggies. Actually, that’s a total lie, I just really love Brussels sprouts so much that I wanted to make them and I had a brainwave on my way back from the gym that apples and bacon would make them so much better so I went with it. Sue me. I promise to give you some Easter relevant dishes very soon.

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Veggie and Cheese Pockets

In case you’re getting any ideas that this is a healthy dinner option, just turn your butt back around and continue to surf the web. There is very little healthy about these delicious pockets, but they are easy; so take your pick. I don’t generally condone the use of crescent rolls as a shortcut for dinner, unless of course it involves wrapping tiny hotdogs in them, in which case sign me up. But sometimes a girl just doesn’t have the energy to make a dinner that takes more than 15 minutes. Sue me.

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Chitlins, I’m going to share with you one of my dirty secrets. My favorite recipe isn’t really a recipe at all, because there are only two ingredients. But I’m going to share it with you, because it could possibly change your life. It includes two of my favorite foods in the whole world: Bacon. And peas.

I am a strong believer in the wisdom that bacon makes everything taste better. Lousy turkey sandwich? Add a slice of bacon (and some whole grain mustard) and BAM instant delciousness. Are your Brussels sprouts a little softer than you expected? Add some crunchy bacon, BAM crunchy wonderfulness. Salads, pasta, macaroni and cheese, even baked goods are better with bacon. If there was a Baconism religion, I’d be the Popette. I adore bacon on an unholy level.

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Asparagus-Pea Soup

This soup is comfort in a bowl. If you love asparagus and peas then you’ll love this soup. Even though both of these ingredients are summer vegetables, I got lucky and found fresh peas at the farmer’s market a week ago and my grocery store miraculously had asparagus. I was stoked to make this.  Also, it turns out this great green, which screams fresh, and also happens to be my favorite color.

The peas were a surprising and fantastic find at the Union Square Farmers Market on Monday morning after a fabulously relaxing weekend, though one sadly devoid of any baking. The BF and I took off Thursday night for a wedding we were attending at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut on Friday. We had a relaxing Friday afternoon that started with some tasty breakfast at the local spot When Pigs Fly (in Niantic, CT) and then The BF’s most generous mother treated all of us (BF included) to pedicures.  Surprising fact: The BF loves pedicures. As does my father (he got them after he had back surgery and my mother refused to clip his toenails for him).

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