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The internet and scattered thoughts on sticky buns.

brekkies stacked

Brekkies (a.k.a. Breakfast Cookies)

Breakfast in a cookie. Refined sugar free, portable, and did I mention it’s a cookie? It’s a cookie. For breakfast. Brilliant!

pistachio cake with honey mascarpone frosting

Mile High Pistachio Cake

What better way to ring in a new decade than a towering pistachio cake chock full of fresh raspberries and a honey mascarpone frosting? Oh yeah, add sparklers.


Stuff & Things

A little light leisure literature for your Friday afternoon (damn couldn’t keep the alliteration going).

ccc nyt vs bouchon book

Chocolate Chip Cookie Throwdown Part 2

In round two of the classic cookie throw down I pit my favorite Bouchon recipe against the reigning champ New York Times.


Stuff & Things

Skooch on over here and let’s explore the internet together. I bring you Channing Tatum and his hunky moves and also some thought provoking articles if your heart so desires. Happy 4th!

alternating tray

Chocolate Chip Cookie Throwdown

In the quest to find my ultimate chocolate chip cookie I pit Ovenly’s vegan recipe against the ultimate in CCC recipes: The New York Times.

matching capps

Stuff & Things

It’s the internet, so of course there are cats, and silly quizzes, and a requisite overhead shot of coffee shop cappuccinos.

rose garden

Stuff & Things

I’m bringing back the weekly internet roundup.

buttermilk ranch

Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

You will never buy bottled ranch again or use the powder packet (!!) when you realize how easy this is to make at home, with pantry staples no less.

tart floor square

Mini Blueberry Tarts

The easiest little freeform tarts you ever did see. Perfect for a summer picnic or BBQ.

close up clown TS

Giant Clown Cake Pops

These fun edible clowns are perfect for a child’s birthday, or for when you’re bored on a Wednesday and feeling loopy. Both are valid reasons.