Fruit Trifle

Oh Chitlins, you wouldn’t believe the stress levels over here at the sprinkelry! My birthday is next week and I’ve been scrambling to finish all the ice creams for my party (I cross my heart I’ll take good photos this time so I can post recipes!). Not to mention The BF and I are apartment hunting, which a crazy beast of a task in NYC.

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Banana Gingerbread

I think I may have mentioned once on this site that I adore banana bread. I think I also may have mentioned that I adore baking out of season. Well this recipe came about because I had yet another 50 pounds of frozen bananas in my freezer and I was tired of just plain old banana bread. I was headed on a trip to Vermont for the weekend with The BF and his roommate and thought I would at least attempt to make something that he would eat, and like.

Maybe I should mention this as well, since I don’t think I have. The BF hates sweets. Yeah, I know. Don’t worry, I already checked and he’s not actually an alien, and he had a really good childhood. In fact, his mother is an excellent baker. So this distaste for sweets is a biological thing. His tongue is broken. Or his brain is mis-wired, I don’t know. But that’s okay because I sure as hell eat enough sweets for the both of us.

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Drunken Banana Bread Muffins

My friend asked me if I wanted a frozen banana, I said, “No, but I want a regular banana later, so … yeah.”

-       Mitch Hedberg

In college, my best friend Alex had a thing for bananas. He loved banana ice cream in a way that I thought was somewhat unholy. I mean really? Fake bananas? Nothing screams bubblegum gone bad like fake banana flavoring. But the local ice cream spot in the town where we went to college did a banging banana Freez (kind of like a McFlurry but about elebinty billion times better). I’m not saying that he changed my opinion of bananas right then and there, that would be ridiculous. But it made me realize that things made with real bananas (like that Freez) were actually pretty damn good. Not only that, but after studying abroad in India for a semester my junior year, I realized that proper fresh bananas, are actually fruity. I know, right? Who knew? Those sad bananas that ripen uncommonly fast in our grocery stores are a shadow of a real, fresh banana. But whatever, if you bake those suckers they still taste amazing. Everything is better when it’s baked. OR when you add sprinkles. I’m just sayin’.

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