Lactose Free Strawberry Cake

Hello Chitlins! Did you miss me? I hope so, I missed you. And boy do I have a treat for you this week!

If you take a glance up to the top of your screen where my banner is you may see a beautiful rose cake. This was the “lactard” friendly cake I made last year for my family’s annual boozefest/shopping trip that happens at my Aunt’s house. I have officially taken over lactard cake duties it seems and this year I did not slack.

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Champagne and Sprinkles

I love layer cakes. Sorta.

I love the way they look when they’re all prettily decorated. And I love the slices sitting on a plate just waiting to be devoured.

And I really enjoy the process of baking them – and ohemgee you guys, cake batter? I mean, is there really anything better? (Maybe cookie dough. Okay, probably cookie dough. Or I guess it’s really a tie.)

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Maple French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes

Ugh look at the wrinkles. I’m sorry.

Yeah, I know. This is the third recipe with bacon in it in the last week. Also it’s the second consecutive picture using the same dishtowel in the background. I’m sorry. I’m a terrible blogger and neglecting my duties. But c’mon! It’s bacon in a cupcake, it’s amazeballs and my most requested cupcake from my friends. Are you really going to hold it against me?

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Limetastic “Dotto” cupcakes


I may have mentioned before that my good friend Coach is paying me for cupcakes about twice a month. What I may not have mentioned is how totally awesome this gig is because I can literally choose any flavor I want and she is completely gung-ho and onboard. It’s a freakin’ dream. No nagging, no hemming and hawing, just pure, unadulterated enthusiasm.

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Glimmer Cupcakes

A few weeks ago my friend Coach approached me about possibly making cupcakes based on new wall-covering designs her company was selling. I wholeheartedly agreed, because this sounded like loads of fun. And it is! I delivered her first batch a few weeks ago, and luckily had made extras with all the leftover batter that I was able to deliver a second batch two days later, due to such high demand. Can you believe it? I made something in “high demand.” Best news ever.

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Bourbon Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream

Photo Courtesy of Shan Jayakumar

Well kids, it was certainly an eventful weekend around here for me. I hosted my 4th annual Cupcakes and Wine party on Saturday and it was a huge hit, as always. I find that if you ply people with cupcakes they are more than willing to oblige and leave you tons of booze as a thank you in return. It’s really a great system I have worked out, let me tell you.

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Mini Bushwhacker Cakes

Big win for the G-Men last night, huh folks? Very exciting game. Though to be honest I was exhausted after having spent almost five hours yesterday afternoon frantically making two tons of food, of which only a half a ton was eaten. {grumpy face} And now we’re moving on Valentine’s Day treats. Does anyone else remember when the Super Bowl wasn’t right on top of Valentine’s Day and you had some time to breathe between the two events? Yeah, me neither. Continue reading