Mini Bushwhacker Cakes

Big win for the G-Men last night, huh folks? Very exciting game. Though to be honest I was exhausted after having spent almost five hours yesterday afternoon frantically making two tons of food, of which only a half a ton was eaten. {grumpy face} And now we’re moving on Valentine’s Day treats. Does anyone else remember when the Super Bowl wasn’t right on top of Valentine’s Day and you had some time to breathe between the two events? Yeah, me neither. Continue reading

Guest Post: Cake Pops

Hey Chitlins: Since I was on vacation all last week I didn’t get to make anything so I asked my friend Sarah to do a post on these awesome cake pops she made a few weeks ago. Enjoy, I know you’ll love her (if not for the sole fact that she has incredibly enviable hair)!

Just a little taste of Mexico...

Hi blog people! I am one of Ace’s friends, Sarah, and I am honored to have been asked by Ace to be the first ever guest blogger here! Ace was in Mexico for the past week (jealous!), but someone had to continue to slave away in the kitchen while she ziplined through the jungles and leisured on a beach. She left me here to pretend that the heat of my oven was actually the glorious Mexican sun beating down on my face. Like Ace, I also love to cook and bake (though she is significantly more patient than I am) and lately people have been complimenting me like crazy and even asking me to bake for their special events. Obviously getting complimented is awesome so feel free to keep ‘em coming. And now a little about me…

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The Commissary Carrot Cake

This is actually the cake I made for my father's birthday almost three years ago. It just turned out *a lot* prettier than the one I made Samson. Oops.

Remember that time when I professed my love for birthdays? Turns out, I know a lot of people with September birthdays. I made not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 birthday celebration goodies in September. Phew! That’s a lot of baked birthday paraphernalia. Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of it. Except for that last one. Where I was up at 10:30 at night on a Monday after a very long and exhausting weekend, still nowhere near finishing a cake I had promised to deliver the next day. [sigh] C’est la vie.

So The BF’s roommate had his birthday on the same day as my good friend and neighbor A. Just my luck. So I made cupcakes for A. the Friday before and then a cake for Samson on the following Monday. With A. I knew right away what I wanted to make her (post to follow soon!) but with Samson I had to ask. So I shot him an e-mail about a week before his birthday telling him to send me ideas. I got one: Carrot Cake. With ice cream (oops I left out the ice cream). Fabulous. I had the perfect recipe. It’s my dad’s favorite and I’ve made it once before (albeit with a few hiccups) and I heard tell it was amazing.

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Limoncello Lemon Cake

Every August my mother’s side of the family gathers at my aunt and uncle’s house for a weekend reunion of sorts. I’m not sure how the tradition started, or even when really, I just know that one weekend in August I get obliterated on good alcohol and go shopping the next day. It’s pretty awesome.

This “reunion” consists of my mother and her three sisters, their husbands and children and the occasional stray boyfriend, who often looks bewildered and unsure of how he came to be there. That look of bewilderment is often mirrored on all the husband’s faces at this event. My mother and her three sisters are all Italian, and with that comes several rather strong ethnic traits – foremost among them is an uncanny ability to reach decibel levels more often heard at a heavy-metal concert. I am not excluded from this trait, however some of my cousins fared better (must be that Polish blood) and have managed to avoid the ear-drum-shattering pitch that the rest of us can make. So once the alcohol is flowing (which starts when my family arrives on Friday night and ends with mimosas before shopping on Sunday morning) you can imagine the cacophony of sounds echoing throughout the house.

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