Tequila Sunrise Cupcakes

Images are so fuzzy because I was in such a rush before the party started, I'm so sorry!

So this Cupcake party I held was apparently quite the rager. Maybe it was the tupperware tequila shots that did folks in. Maybe. I mean, I had about half the people I invited show up – roughly 40 total, which is impressive for my small apartment. And while nothing was technically broken, my fridge wasn’t working the next morning. It’s a really great story actually, in retrospect, though last weekend I was righteously pissed about the whole thing.

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Jack and Coke Cupcakes

This was the first cupcake idea I thought of when I was beginning to plan my cupcake party. Throughout college (sorry Mom!) I {adored} Jack and cokes. I think a lot of that might have something to do with my first college boyfriend being in a heavy metal band and drinking a lot of Jack, I may have wanted to impress him. I mean, I was over a foot shorter than him, studying philosophy and living a hippie lifestyle (I had dredlocks for a very brief period of time that was thankfully never documented) and I wanted to prove that I was not all sunshine, flowers, peace, love and happiness. I had a dark side dammit.

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Bourbon Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream

Photo Courtesy of Shan Jayakumar

Well kids, it was certainly an eventful weekend around here for me. I hosted my 4th annual Cupcakes and Wine party on Saturday and it was a huge hit, as always. I find that if you ply people with cupcakes they are more than willing to oblige and leave you tons of booze as a thank you in return. It’s really a great system I have worked out, let me tell you.

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Red Velvet Cake

I have to say, I’m still not quite sure what all the hype is over red velvet cake. I enjoy it, probably as much as the next cupcake, but I just do not understand some of the hubbub. You know what I’m talking about, those people who seem to practically want to throw themselves in front of a bus to convince you that XYZ bakery/cookbook/celebrity chef has THE BEST RED VELVET CAKE/RECIPE EVER. I mean you can practically see them having a relapse, like a crack addict. They start scratching and itching, foaming at the mouth, their eyes start rolling. Oh and don’t even get me started on the debate over cream cheese icing vs. boiled icing. My god, they’ll come to blows.

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Mini Bushwhacker Cakes

Big win for the G-Men last night, huh folks? Very exciting game. Though to be honest I was exhausted after having spent almost five hours yesterday afternoon frantically making two tons of food, of which only a half a ton was eaten. {grumpy face} And now we’re moving on Valentine’s Day treats. Does anyone else remember when the Super Bowl wasn’t right on top of Valentine’s Day and you had some time to breathe between the two events? Yeah, me neither. Continue reading

Strawberry Cupcakes with Limoncello Buttercream

I dislike fruit. I don’t hate it, but I’m just not the kind of person who is going to get excited about a fresh peach. I like my apples, bananas and grapefruit (oh, how I adore grapefruit!) but that’s about it. However, if you bake these fruits, I will eat them. I will also probably ask for seconds. Blueberry muffins? Sign me up.  Blackberry pie? Yes please! But a hand full of berries or, [gasp!] heaven forbid, a smoothie and I’d rather stick a fork in my eye.

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Basic Chocolate Cupcakes

My entire life I have been a pretty clumsy individual. I’m prone to bumps, scrapes and bruises, especially bruises. I’m pretty sure my bruises multiply on their own, because I never know where half of them come from. The BF says I bruise like a peach. I think I bruise easier than a peach. My clumsiness reached a peak, I thought, around middle school. I’m pretty sure my entire equilibrium was off for a solid three years because I couldn’t stand on one foot if I wanted to, I would tip right over. My dad always says, “We didn’t name you Grace for a reason.” And I’m sure he’s right.

Well, a few weekends ago my lovely mother came down to the city to help me do a little revamping to the apartment. The night before was the comedy of errors baking extravaganza I talked about, and honestly it continued well into the following day. My mother admits that she, too, is accident-prone and flails quite a bit, though she claims one of my aunts is the worst. I bet I have them both beat though.

The disaster that was my bedroom moved into the kitchen while we painted. I had minor panic attacks until we had everything out of the kitchen again. Do not like clutter.

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Marbled Champagne Cupcakes

Please excuse my terrible artistic skills and this rather pathetic attempt at making zebra stripes.

So this post is long overdue and I could have sworn I had already typed something up weeks ago, but it seems that alas, I was wrong. My sincerest apologies to my good friend and neighbor Adrienne, whose birthday this post is about. Remember when I mentioned that I had four September birthday goods to prepare last month? Well this was one of those four. Let me tell you a little about Adrienne.

Adrienne and I met my first year (her second year) of grad school at a Mad Men themed party (for which I was not properly attired, nor had I even planned on attending) where copious amounts of drinking ensued. While I do not remember the majority of the conversations I had that evening, Adrienne does, and I’m told we discussed the fact that we both went to college only 40 minutes from each other, that she spoke at my alma mater’s Art History symposium the year before I did (though I did not attend her year since I was abroad in India) and that I left her post-party with a few choice words, while sufficiently sloshed and she knew instantly that we would become good friends. I’ll take her at her word, she’s not usually one to lie or exaggerate.

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Cookies-n-Cream Cupcakes

I have a confession to make: I have two boyfriends. I know; it’s really shocking. I don’t seem like the type at all, but it’s true. My heart is divided. It’s surprising really, they both get along so well with each other. We have several mutual friends and we get together a few times a year for parties and whatnot. The BF doesn’t mind that I spend time with Sebastian, and Sebastian doesn’t seem to mind that the majority of my time is spent with The BF. He doesn’t even mind that The BF is my primary boyfriend. I am a lucky girl.

They both bring different qualities to the table. The BF is hardworking, responsible and a good time. Sebastian is a little less mature, he likes to play a lot, but he tells me he loves me often, and I think that counts for something. Especially since he’s shorter than me, which is odd since I’m already pretty short. He even made me a video telling me he loved me and put it on my facebook wall. It was really sweet.

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