Grammy’s Snickerdoodles

stack and straw square

I have strong opinions about snickerdoodles. Like really strong opinions. They need to have that serious tang from the cream of tartar. They need to have a hearty coating of cinnamon sugar. They need to have zero other flavors interfering. They can, however, be crispy or chewy. That I’m not really a stickler about. Snickerdoodles,… 

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Tetlak Family Pierogi Recipe


Merry 2013 Chitlins! I hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as I did. Mine was mostly relaxing. We had a minor incident involving the puppy, a bucket of chocolate covered raisins, and  a frantic two hours on the phone with poison control. Good news though: the puppy is fine, dinner was only delayed two… 

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Fruit Trifle

Oh Chitlins, you wouldn’t believe the stress levels over here at the sprinkelry! My birthday is next week and I’ve been scrambling to finish all the ice creams for my party (I cross my heart I’ll take good photos this time so I can post recipes!). Not to mention The BF and I are apartment… 

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Grandma Kusys Italian White Cookies

I’m sorry chitlins, I know this will be my fourth {gasp!} cookie post in two weeks but, it’s the holidays and everyone loves cookies, and besides these are Hannukah themed and given that this is the 3rd night of Hannukah it seemed only fitting I should post them. Besides which, these are amazingly addictive and… 

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