Lactose Free Strawberry Cake

Hello Chitlins! Did you miss me? I hope so, I missed you. And boy do I have a treat for you this week!

If you take a glance up to the top of your screen where my banner is you may see a beautiful rose cake. This was the “lactard” friendly cake I made last year for my family’s annual boozefest/shopping trip that happens at my Aunt’s house. I have officially taken over lactard cake duties it seems and this year I did not slack.

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Champagne and Sprinkles

I love layer cakes. Sorta.

I love the way they look when they’re all prettily decorated. And I love the slices sitting on a plate just waiting to be devoured.

And I really enjoy the process of baking them – and ohemgee you guys, cake batter? I mean, is there really anything better? (Maybe cookie dough. Okay, probably cookie dough. Or I guess it’s really a tie.)

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Say Happy Birthday with Sprinkles!

If you’ve been following along on facebook and instagram then you know, Chitlins, that I have been a very busy girl with sprinkles this weekend. I stocked up on some pretty colors (ha! Like I needed more sprinkles) and set to work immediately. I can’t even describe to you how happy sprinkles make me. It’s like an edible rainbow – and way better than the Skittles version because I never get sick of sprinkles, but Skittles upset your belly if you eat like, two bags. Not that I know from experience of anything.

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Homemade Magic Shell

Chitlins, may I present to you one of many homemade toppings I made for my birthday bash ice cream social. Homemade magic shell. Did anyone else love and crave that stuff as much as me growing up? I remember that one fatal day a friend put the bottle IN THE FRIDGE! {gasp!} The horror! No magic shell for at least two days. It was pure tragedy.

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