Guest Post: The Hunger Games

Hey Chitlins! It’s been a crazy week here in the sprinkle toastery (official new name of my apartment) so my friend Sarah is back with another awesome baking project that I would never have theĀ patience to attempt! I’ll be back next week with another TWD postĀ and pictures from the Edible Book Contest I had the pleasure of attending (and winning an award from) on Monday.

I tried really hard to save this cookie Sarah gave me to photograph at home, but the damn arrow tip snapped off :(

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Guest Post: Cake Pops

Hey Chitlins: Since I was on vacation all last week I didn’t get to make anything so I asked my friend Sarah to do a post on these awesome cake pops she made a few weeks ago. Enjoy, I know you’ll love her (if not for the sole fact that she has incredibly enviable hair)!

Just a little taste of Mexico...

Hi blog people! I am one of Ace’s friends, Sarah, and I am honored to have been asked by Ace to be the first ever guest blogger here! Ace was in Mexico for the past week (jealous!), but someone had to continue to slave away in the kitchen while she ziplined through the jungles and leisured on a beach. She left me here to pretend that the heat of my oven was actually the glorious Mexican sun beating down on my face. Like Ace, I also love to cook and bake (though she is significantly more patient than I am) and lately people have been complimenting me like crazy and even asking me to bake for their special events. Obviously getting complimented is awesome so feel free to keep ‘em coming. And now a little about me…

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