Blue Cheese Butternut Squash Pizza (with Bacon!)

Oh hey y’all! How’s it hanging? I made some fall pizza for yunz (name that accent!).

We’ve been having some absolutely gorge fall weather in NYC this year. Easily the nicest, mildest transition from summer into fall we’ve had in the last five years. It is absolutely divine. The evenings have that nice buttery light with a slight crisp in the air, that smells so fresh even in the city. Makes me wish I could just grab it all in a giant hug and squish it.

You don’t get that? Just me? Okay then…..moving on.

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Cold Noodles with Peanut Sauce

Now I know cold noodles aren’t everyone’s bag. I’m not a fan of cold soups and some people love gazpacho. In the same way, some people really only prefer their noodles hot. I don’t necessarily go out in search of cold noodles; usually it just happens because I’m too lazy to heat up my leftover spaghetti (or I’m too tired to wrangle with the microwave which is on top of our fridge which basically requires me to use a step stool to reach it comfortably). But sometimes, I also actually just crave cold noodles.

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TWD: Hazelnut Biscotti

Hazelnut on the left, white chocolate orange on the right.

Chitlins, do you have any idea how hard it is to photograph biscotti to make them look as delicious as they taste? I’ll tell you it’s harder than I was willing to put the effort into last week, and I’m sorry for that. There were a number of melancholy events that didn’t exactly put me in the mood for really puttering over how to photograph some silly cookies (when you looked at the grand scheme of life).

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