Banana Gingerbread

I think I may have mentioned once on this site that I adore banana bread. I think I also may have mentioned that I adore baking out of season. Well this recipe came about because I had yet another 50 pounds of frozen bananas in my freezer and I was tired of just plain old banana bread. I was headed on a trip to Vermont for the weekend with The BF and his roommate and thought I would at least attempt to make something that he would eat, and like.

Maybe I should mention this as well, since I don’t think I have. The BF hates sweets. Yeah, I know. Don’t worry, I already checked and he’s not actually an alien, and he had a really good childhood. In fact, his mother is an excellent baker. So this distaste for sweets is a biological thing. His tongue is broken. Or his brain is mis-wired, I don’t know. But that’s okay because I sure as hell eat enough sweets for the both of us.

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