Bourbon Bacon Baked Beans

Heck yeah alliteration! Don’t you love it? I do. But I’m a dork. True story. My best friend growing up nicknamed me Krod, it’s dork backwards. Yeah, that really singles you out as a dork, huh? Whatever. I like it.

Anyway, anyone else having epic heat waves this week? Holy cow, can’t even handle it. I have a terrible time regulating my body temperature. If it’s cold outside I’m 20 degrees colder, if it’s warm outside I’m 20 degrees warmer, if it’s hot outside, I die. Another true story. I’m actually a ghost writing this post right now.

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Recipe Tester: Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Waffles

Sometimes when I make a recipe, I don’t change it all. I mean, maybe I sub a different herb because I’m lazy or I have some crazy herbs growing in my backyard. Sometimes, I don’t know enough about the flavor combo/cooking technique to feel like I need to experiment just yet. Other times, I have guests coming and I’d rather not end up with an epic kitchen fail and nothing to serve. Memorial Day would fall into every single one of those categories.

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TWD: Oasis Naan

So I’m only like a million years late with this (or two days, whatever) but I was able to bake up the TWD naan post for this past Tuesday. Hallelujah! This stuff is pretty awesome, guys. If you have like 2 1/2 hours to spare on a weekend, go make them. But only if you’re a carboholic like I am, because you will inhale at least two once you give them a half a second to cool.

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Bacon

I don’t know if you remember, but I kinda have this thing where I decide not to cook food in season. So while everyone else is baking lemon loaves and pastel Easter cookies, I’m trying to get one last fling in with my winter veggies. Actually, that’s a total lie, I just really love Brussels sprouts so much that I wanted to make them and I had a brainwave on my way back from the gym that apples and bacon would make them so much better so I went with it. Sue me. I promise to give you some Easter relevant dishes very soon.

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Smoked Turkey Dip

Oh my Chitlins, somehow Thursday snuck up on me this week. The BF caught a pretty heinous stomach flu that has left me torn between the desire to help him feel better and my absolute fear of catching it also right before my race this weekend. Not to mention I just can’t seem to make the days stick in my head; Tuesday felt like Thursday, Wednesday felt like Friday and I woke up this morning dead set that it was still Tuesday. I know, it makes no sense.

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Cheater Breadsticks

Oh my, Chitlins. Stressed, high blood pressure, frenzied – none of these words come close to explaining my day today. I’m terribly sorry for not posting earlier!  Even though I had a lovely and relaxing weekend in Vermont, while The BF and a few friends tried to squeeze in one last ski trip for the season. With my big half-marathon next weekend, my first of the year, I declined to ski and instead took the monster dog, Moose, that was staying with us for a lovely two hour hike.

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Coconut Rice

Hello Chitlins, happy Valentine’s Eve! I was gone skiing all weekend and just did not have time to make another Valentine’s dessert, so I figured this delicious coconut rice will just have to do.

Remember when you made that delicious coconut sponge cake last week? And you ended up with almost a whole can of coconut milk leftover and you were panicking because you didn’t know what to do with it? Have no fear, coconut rice is here! As plain as this dish looks, it packs a whollop in the flavor department. I adore coconut rice, though I can’t stand coconut flakes or anything heavily coconut in flavor (just ask The BF and his family when I tasted the coconut sorbet last night at dinner, I nearly clawed my tongue off trying to get the taste out, not my finest moment).

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Baked Brie and Apple Puff Pastry Pop-Tarts

The other day I received a phone call from my mother, “Ace, I’m starting Pinterest I need you to call me and tell me how it works.” Yeah, I know, you’re thinking the same thing. “But she doesn’t even cook or bake, she’s already married and she doesn’t even have the patience to get all crafty. What in heaven’s name is she using Pinterest for?!” I was equally as baffled, but I figured I’d give her the benefit of the doubt and help her out.

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Chitlins, I’m going to share with you one of my dirty secrets. My favorite recipe isn’t really a recipe at all, because there are only two ingredients. But I’m going to share it with you, because it could possibly change your life. It includes two of my favorite foods in the whole world: Bacon. And peas.

I am a strong believer in the wisdom that bacon makes everything taste better. Lousy turkey sandwich? Add a slice of bacon (and some whole grain mustard) and BAM instant delciousness. Are your Brussels sprouts a little softer than you expected? Add some crunchy bacon, BAM crunchy wonderfulness. Salads, pasta, macaroni and cheese, even baked goods are better with bacon. If there was a Baconism religion, I’d be the Popette. I adore bacon on an unholy level.

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