Tetlak Family Pierogi Recipe

Merry 2013 Chitlins! I hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as I did. Mine was mostly relaxing. We had a minor incident involving the puppy, a bucket of chocolate covered raisins, and  a frantic two hours on the phone with poison control. Good news though: the puppy is fine, dinner was only delayed two hours, and Christmas wasn’t ruined. Hooray!

So perhaps you remember before the break how I spent an entire day with the female members of The BF’s family making approximately 4.2 million pierogies. It wasn’t so bad really. I mean, despite starting at 8am and finishing well after 2pm. We did get to eat all the defects, and we made some fresh pasta, and there was an amazing lunch spread. Plus I have about 20lbs of pierogi chillin’ in my freezer.

I took a bunch of pictures and got the recipes for Christmas! This is mostly a photo essay with a recipe at the bottom. Apologies if the photos are a bit crummy, I was too lazy to edit and this was with my old camera. ;)

Cheers to a happy 2013!

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Cold Noodles with Peanut Sauce

Now I know cold noodles aren’t everyone’s bag. I’m not a fan of cold soups and some people love gazpacho. In the same way, some people really only prefer their noodles hot. I don’t necessarily go out in search of cold noodles; usually it just happens because I’m too lazy to heat up my leftover spaghetti (or I’m too tired to wrangle with the microwave which is on top of our fridge which basically requires me to use a step stool to reach it comfortably). But sometimes, I also actually just crave cold noodles.

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Summer Pizza

Oh man Chitlins! Do you guys have farmer’s markets near you? Because the Union Square Greenmarket is just bursting with amazeballs summer produce right now. It’s a veritable panoply of choices, I can hardly control myself. The best part though, is that I’m not the only one obsessively taking photos of produce now.  It seems like everyone in New York is fascinated with all the colors!

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TWD: Oasis Naan

So I’m only like a million years late with this (or two days, whatever) but I was able to bake up the TWD naan post for this past Tuesday. Hallelujah! This stuff is pretty awesome, guys. If you have like 2 1/2 hours to spare on a weekend, go make them. But only if you’re a carboholic like I am, because you will inhale at least two once you give them a half a second to cool.

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Cheater Breadsticks

Oh my, Chitlins. Stressed, high blood pressure, frenzied – none of these words come close to explaining my day today. I’m terribly sorry for not posting earlier!  Even though I had a lovely and relaxing weekend in Vermont, while The BF and a few friends tried to squeeze in one last ski trip for the season. With my big half-marathon next weekend, my first of the year, I declined to ski and instead took the monster dog, Moose, that was staying with us for a lovely two hour hike.

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Veggie and Cheese Pockets

In case you’re getting any ideas that this is a healthy dinner option, just turn your butt back around and continue to surf the web. There is very little healthy about these delicious pockets, but they are easy; so take your pick. I don’t generally condone the use of crescent rolls as a shortcut for dinner, unless of course it involves wrapping tiny hotdogs in them, in which case sign me up. But sometimes a girl just doesn’t have the energy to make a dinner that takes more than 15 minutes. Sue me.

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Coconut Rice

Hello Chitlins, happy Valentine’s Eve! I was gone skiing all weekend and just did not have time to make another Valentine’s dessert, so I figured this delicious coconut rice will just have to do.

Remember when you made that delicious coconut sponge cake last week? And you ended up with almost a whole can of coconut milk leftover and you were panicking because you didn’t know what to do with it? Have no fear, coconut rice is here! As plain as this dish looks, it packs a whollop in the flavor department. I adore coconut rice, though I can’t stand coconut flakes or anything heavily coconut in flavor (just ask The BF and his family when I tasted the coconut sorbet last night at dinner, I nearly clawed my tongue off trying to get the taste out, not my finest moment).

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Baked Brie and Apple Puff Pastry Pop-Tarts

The other day I received a phone call from my mother, “Ace, I’m starting Pinterest I need you to call me and tell me how it works.” Yeah, I know, you’re thinking the same thing. “But she doesn’t even cook or bake, she’s already married and she doesn’t even have the patience to get all crafty. What in heaven’s name is she using Pinterest for?!” I was equally as baffled, but I figured I’d give her the benefit of the doubt and help her out.

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