Tetlak Family Pierogi Recipe

Merry 2013 Chitlins! I hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as I did. Mine was mostly relaxing. We had a minor incident involving the puppy, a bucket of chocolate covered raisins, and  a frantic two hours on the phone with poison control. Good news though: the puppy is fine, dinner was only delayed two hours, and Christmas wasn’t ruined. Hooray!

So perhaps you remember before the break how I spent an entire day with the female members of The BF’s family making approximately 4.2 million pierogies. It wasn’t so bad really. I mean, despite starting at 8am and finishing well after 2pm. We did get to eat all the defects, and we made some fresh pasta, and there was an amazing lunch spread. Plus I have about 20lbs of pierogi chillin’ in my freezer.

I took a bunch of pictures and got the recipes for Christmas! This is mostly a photo essay with a recipe at the bottom. Apologies if the photos are a bit crummy, I was too lazy to edit and this was with my old camera. ;)

Cheers to a happy 2013!

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Comfort Soup

A few weeks ago, after one of our skiing trips, I felt like poo when we got back to the city. I mean, coughing, sneezing, the whole wretched bit of sickness. So I took off two days from work, which rarely happens, and stayed home. I slept and then when I couldn’t sleep I baked. And when I couldn’t do either of those I ate comfort soup and caught up on Downton Abbey. It was a rough life.

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Guest Post: Cake Pops

Hey Chitlins: Since I was on vacation all last week I didn’t get to make anything so I asked my friend Sarah to do a post on these awesome cake pops she made a few weeks ago. Enjoy, I know you’ll love her (if not for the sole fact that she has incredibly enviable hair)!

Just a little taste of Mexico...

Hi blog people! I am one of Ace’s friends, Sarah, and I am honored to have been asked by Ace to be the first ever guest blogger here! Ace was in Mexico for the past week (jealous!), but someone had to continue to slave away in the kitchen while she ziplined through the jungles and leisured on a beach. She left me here to pretend that the heat of my oven was actually the glorious Mexican sun beating down on my face. Like Ace, I also love to cook and bake (though she is significantly more patient than I am) and lately people have been complimenting me like crazy and even asking me to bake for their special events. Obviously getting complimented is awesome so feel free to keep ‘em coming. And now a little about me…

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Spiked Nog Milkshake

In my last post right before Christmas I had mentioned the severe anxiety I get the week before Christmas actually arrives because I’m concerned I haven’t listened to enough holiday music. Well, right as the start of January rolls around I get a whole new anxiety: the fear of not having consumed enough eggnog before it is off the shelves again for another 11 miserable months.

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Speculoos Spread Sandwich Cookies

I figure I may as well make this the week of cookie swap cookies. May I present to you, one of the two types of cookies I brought to a cookie swap I attended this past Sunday: speculoos spread sandwich cookies. Now before I get to the amazingness that is speculoos spread and speculoos cookies, I have a little back-story to this cookie swap.

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