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Classic Irish Stew
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Classic Irish Stew For St. Patrick’s Day

Enjoy this classic Irish stew with beef, lamb, potatoes, and carrots for St. Patrick’s Day, …

Caribbean Patacone Sandwich
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The Best World Class Continental Breakfast Food

Caribbean Patacone sandwiches are a staple of the region, dating back to the early nineteenth …

Iced Nectarine Green Tea
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Iced Nectarine Green Tea

Adding green tea bags to your diet can provide you with many benefits. It is …

Kale Black Bean Quesadillas
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Kale Black Bean Quesadillas is the Perfect Healthy snack

Kale black bean quesadillas are a super easy way to spice up any meal. In …

National Waffle Day
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The History Of National Waffle Day

Sweden has been a country where waffles have been a part of everyday life for …

Dark Chocolate Cranberry Scones
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Dark Chocolate Cranberry Scones

Dark chocolate cranberry scones are a healthy treat that will leave your taste buds begging …

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Are you baffled by how to poach an egg, or looking how to do a particular cooking method?

Cook Food in the Microwave
How-to Guides

Best Method to Cook Food in the Microwave

What is the best way to cook with a microwave? That is a question that many people who own one ask, and it can be …

Roasting cooking method
How-to Guides

Roasting Cooking Method

There are many variations of Roasting cooking methodologies. You have the light browned roast, medium rare, and well done. The variation is what makes each …

Poaching Cooking Method
How-to Guides

The Quick and Easy Poaching Cooking Method

Poaching is the method of cooking meats and other food by rendering them partly or completely raw. A lot of people are unaware of the …

Dry heat Cooking
How-to Guides

What Is Dry-heat Cooking Method?

Dry-heat cooking involves using a low temperature and high pressure to cook food using a dryer. The process of using a dryer for cooking food …

Kimchi Fried Rice
How-to Guides

Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe – A Delicious and Easy Way to Cook

Easy Kimchi fried rice is a staple in my family. My mother learned to make it from an old cookbook and it is something our …

Scramble Eggs
How-to Guides

How to scramble Eggs in a Microwave

For some people, getting the perfect omelet is as simple as opening the kitchen door and hitting the “start” button. However, for others, learning how …

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