About Us.

I’m Kwaong, and this is my blog. My parents are originally from Vietnam but I grew up in Liverpool in the UK.

My parents moved over to England when I was very young and stayed there finding work in factories. From a young age I loved food, my parents were great cooks and taught me once I was old enough to be in the kitchen.

I’m currently studying a The University of Liverpool where I’m doing a postgraduate in business studies. Whilst studying Ive worked in various restaurants across the city. I’m currently an assistant chef at a busy Asian themed restaurant in the town centre.

So why did I start a blog?

Good question! I’ve always liked to write and believe it helps broaden your perspectives in life, plus I wanted to see if I could earn some residual income through advertising to help fund my studies. Food seemed the obvious choice given my experiences and background so here we are.

I love all types of cuisine, particularly Asian and Indian. You can’t beat a good curry, rich in flavours and with that added bonus of spice! Obviously settling in the North of England I’ve become accustomed to fish and chips, a full English and a nice cup of tea.

The future

So what’s next? I hope to grow my blog whilst still looking to a future in Corporate banking. If you would like to help contribute to growing this site please get in touch to discuss guest post opportunities.