Best foods that naturally suppress your appetite

Would you like to feel satiated by reducing your calorie intake? Fiber-rich foods and water-rich foods are the options that will fill you up and help you consume fewer calories. Go for them. But the question is how does it work?

First of all, the majority of researchers believe that psychologically, it is easier to feel satisfied and full when you see a large amount of food. 

Moreover, foods that are rich in fiber make your stomach stretch so the food stays in it for a comparatively bigger amount of time. And that is how you feel filled with a low number of calories. 

You may definitely opt for appetite suppressants like those recommended here, but nothing stops you from switching to the following food choices to eventually battle the cravings. 


Different foods satisfy hunger in different ways. Usually, we are addicted to carbohydrates, and fats more than to proteins. If we replace them with any other thing, we still feel something is missing. 

But we can replace carbohydrates with proteins and healthy fats in order to maintain our hunger under control because this way we are taking more fibers and fibers naturally reduces our hunger.


Research suggests that drinking a glass of water before eating your meal tremendously reduces hunger after the meal. Research conducted by NCBI suggests that drinking water before the meal not only reduces the amount of hunger but also reduces weight and fat.


The amount of fiber intake is directly proportional to hunger loss. The more you take fibers in your diet the more it reduces the amount of hunger you feel. 

It is because the stomach cannot digest fibers as easily as it can digest other diets so it stays in the body much longer than the other diets and ultimately reduces hunger. 

Some diets that are rich in fibers are whole grain, beans, pulses, avocados, apples, almonds, chia seeds, and vegetables.

Solid foods

If we compare solid foods with the liquid intake of calories, both of these have a different effect on our hunger and brain. It is a general observation that solid foods play the role of appetite suppression but how does that happen?

One point of view is that solid foods require more chewing, which then provides a signal to the brain about the fullness of the stomach and that is how it reduces hunger.

Another theory claims that solid foods take more time for chewing and hence come more in contact with the taste buds and ultimately give the sign of fullness earlier.

Eat slowly and mindfully

When your brain is normal it gives a signal to the body if it is hungry or not. But when your mind is preoccupied with so many things it becomes nearly impossible for the mind to recognize these signals and as a result, you eat more than what is required.

It is also an observation that if you eat mindfully, it can make your taste buds curb the cravings. Moreover, apart from all these things continuous conscious awareness about the diet, daily real physical activity, and other behavioral therapies can be really helpful in order to reduce the usual appetite which will in return help you lose your weight or fat.

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