Dark Chocolate Cranberry Scones

Dark chocolate cranberry scones are a healthy treat that will leave your taste buds begging for more. Chocolate truffles are always a good choice, but they are just a bit too heavy and creamy for many people. In fact, dark chocolate truffles are the perfect comfort food in the winter when you don’t want to go to the gym. They can be had any time of day or night but are particularly nice at bedtime. Chocolate truffles have a very distinctive nutty flavor, but if you’re not a fan of chocolate then these truffles are perfect for you.

Although it is hard to believe, dark chocolate cranberry scones actually contain truffles, although the quality is not as high as the better-known varieties. The slightly bitter dark chocolate chunks complement the mild sweet and subtle nuttiness of the fresh cranberries to make a very delicious, yet affordable scone. In addition, because scones are typically on the sweeter side, the rich creaminess of large dark chocolate chunks is also a welcome surprise. The combination of the rich taste of the cranberries with the slightly sweet and nutty flavor of the chocolate makes for a very pleasing taste that will leave your taste buds begging for another bowl. Dark chocolate chunks are also high in antioxidants, which help to fight off free radicals in the body that can cause damage to your health.

These scrumptious chocolate scones are made by using the best butter and French vanilla extract available. These two ingredients are combined to make the smooth, velvety consistency of the finished product. The butter provides a beautiful melting texture that seals the chocolate into each crumb. The butter and French vanilla give a thick and rich flavor that makes these scones melt in your mouth. However, if you do not like the heavy, stale taste of dried cranberries or the heaviness of unsalted butter, you might want to try a different chocolate flavor.

If you prefer something a bit lighter than a dark chocolate cranberry scone, consider using one that uses semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate. This gives a nice sweet taste, while still maintaining the rich flavor that makes scones so enjoyable. A good tip for people who are new to cooking with chocolate is to mix equal parts of dry ground cocoa and liquid chocolate. This will create a smooth paste that you can use in the microwave to heat up in thirty seconds. This way, you can enjoy a bowl of hot cocoa before you dive into your meals.

If you are thinking about baking these scrumptious scones, you can also substitute dessert mix for the dry flours and baking powder that usually make up the traditional recipe. You can also use white chocolate in place of cranberries in order to keep the sweetness level of these delicious treats at a minimum. If you prefer, you can completely substitute dried cranberries or dried fruit for the dried cranberry extract included in the recipe. This makes a wonderful dessert for any occasion, but they are equally delicious on their own or used in their place.

Another idea for making your Dark Chocolate Cranberry Scones even tastier is to replace the cranberries with fresh cranberries. You can use fresh berries from your garden, dried red or green cranberries, or frozen berries bought in the shop. To add some freshness to the recipe, you can add some fresh or dried fruit slices after baking. For a change of pace, you could even add some fresh raspberries to the mix.

Dark chocolate scones require baking time of about twenty minutes, but the taste is so delicious that you won’t mind waiting that little bit longer. Although they are not as rich as you would find with other types of bread, the quality of the cocoa content is still quite good. Since using all-baked or dried cranberries, raisins, or dried fruits can really spoil the flavor, it is usually preferable to use unsweetened baking mix instead. The other ingredients such as baking powder, butter, and sugar can enhance the delicious taste of your Dark Chocolate Cranberry Scones and make them even tastier.

For the best results, mix the dry ingredients for the Dark Chocolate Cranberry Scones and cold butter together until smooth. Once mixed, press the mixture into the base of a round or square baking pan. Bake the cookies on an unheated rack for approximately 18 minutes, or until the bottoms of the cookies turn dark. Remove from the oven and allow the cookies to cool on a wire cooling rack, which should only take about a few minutes.

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