Easy to Make Dessert Recipes

Fruit and chocolate desserts are very popular, but fruit and chocolate also go together well. You can make a nice selection of these at the grocery store or you can make them on your own. There are lots of possibilities with a little imagination and experimentation. One idea that works well is to use orange and vanilla ice cream. Blend both together and you have an awesome treat.

Many fruit desserts can be made with a thickened cream base. For example, cakes and pies often use cream cheese. If you don’t like cream cheese then use yogurt, mascarpone, sour cream or heavy cream instead. If you have a powerful ice cream maker then you can thicken any of these desserts by adding some frozen blueberries or raspberries. You will be surprised at how good frozen blueberries taste, especially in a warm summer day.

You can find many fruit desserts in bookstores or supermarkets. These usually take time and experimentation before you find the one that suits you best. There are so many possibilities with pies and cakes. If you haven’t tried fruit desserts with a yogurt base then you should really give it a try. The texture of yogurt is very rich and this adds flavor not to just the cake but also to the muffin, cupcake or pie. If you have never had fruit desserts with a yogurt base then I would suggest trying it.

There are other great dessert recipes for the oven like banana bread, almond meal and brownie pie. There are even dessert recipes that involve chocolate cakes or cookies. If you don’t have a stand mixer or a bake-even machine then you can always use a hand mixer. This makes it easy to add ingredients because it can come in different sizes. You won’t have problems mixing the batter and will get a better consistency.

Some of the more common ingredients used in a meal are; eggs, sugar, butter, vanilla, baking powder and milk. Usually there is an equal mixture of these ingredients that can be used for the main part of the meal or for the dessert as well. This creates yummy looking confections. It will look like the fruit but will be healthier because of the high amount of healthy ingredients.

For a sweet but still wholesome meal there is also another great recipe that you can try. This time it’s chocolate ice cream and banana split. You can add either vanilla or cinnamon syrup to the banana sauce and place a cherry on top. This dessert will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but it will also quench your thirst after a long day at work.

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