How to scramble Eggs in a Microwave

For some people, getting the perfect omelet is as simple as opening the kitchen door and hitting the “start” button. However, for others, learning how to scramble eggs in a microwave can be a challenge. One reason is that people are not used to heating items from such a distance, and may not be used to the intense heat of the device. Another problem is the preparation – boiling water needs to come out of a nozzle at exactly the right temperature. There can be many other issues with preparing food in a microwave.

Even if you have access to a microwave that comes with an egg carton, it can still be difficult. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to making scrambling eggs in a microwave a success. The first thing is to get a quality egg carton. If you have one that is cracked or broken, then use it as long as possible until it snaps into place. Otherwise, invest in a new one.

Next, you will want to add about a quarter cup of salt to the eggs. You can choose to season the salt before or after putting the yolk into the shell. This makes a big difference in the texture and flavor. Once the salt is added, carefully turn the eggs over and scramble until the egg whites are set but the yolk is still easily torn.

Once the egg whites are ready, you will want to heat the butter in your microwave. Over low to medium heat, stir to mix the oil and salt until the oil begins to turn white. Once this happens, you can remove the eggs from their shells and gently coax them into the buttermilk.

Stir the buttermilk until it is mixed thoroughly. Then, carefully drop the eggs into the bowl of your microwave. Cover the eggs for one minute. When this timer has gone, switch the microwave off and wait until it is cool to the touch.

Then, using a wire whisk, whip the egg whites until they are stiff but not dry. This should be done quickly in order to prevent the eggs from breaking when they are removed from the shell. You should have around two minutes of scrambling time left. Be sure to turn the eggs over as you continue to whip them, so that you do not waste any egg.

While the eggs are still in the bowl of your microwave, carefully run the wire whisk through its bowl until the egg white is blended. Once this is done, carefully lift the eggs out of the microwave and drop them quickly into the strainer. If any yoke is left within the eggs, allow it to remain there for a few seconds so that it can be loosened up a little bit before being added to the finished scrambling. Once all the yoke is removed, you will have one perfectly scrambled egg.

Knowing how to scramble eggs in a microwave can give any cook a valuable skill that is useful in many different situations. Eggs are an important part of a great breakfast, but they can also be a source of great meals for other things. The most important thing to remember is that eggs should always be cooked properly and in the right manner. They may be easy to cook, but they will always be better left alone than uncooked. Learning how to scramble eggs in a microwave is a great way to ensure you give yourself the best chance at having a perfectly cooked, perfectly yoked egg every time.

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