Is It Difficult To Become a Restaurant Manager?

Many individuals who enter the food service industry often do so with the view of one day becoming a restaurant manager, either at a popular chain or by running their own establishment. It is a gratifying role for those who enjoy balancing multiple responsibilities, managing individuals, and resolving issues.


The fact that an individual can become a restaurant manager either by working their way up from an entry-level position or by undergoing business management training and education can make managing a restaurant one of the more accessible paths to a leadership role. However, that does not mean securing a restaurant manager position is easy or comes without challenges.


Whether you are attempting to make your way up the ladder in your establishment or looking to enter the sector externally once you complete your training, each path has something in common. You will not be able to secure a management role without the proper resume. Use ResumeHelp to create your restaurant manager resume and earn those precious interviews.


This article will explore the challenges you will face as a restaurant manager before highlighting the paths you can take to becoming one.


The Challenges of Being a Restaurant Manager

Before you embark on your mission to become a restaurant manager, it is useful to be aware of the trickier aspects of the role.


Everything begins and ends with the person in charge. Staff members will look to you for guidance, and demanding customers will often call upon you to resolve issues. These front-of-house issues can make finding time for other aspects of the role challenging. Budget management, inventorying, and supply chain control are also vital tasks that need attention.


You may also find recruitment a tough part of the job. Many restaurants hire younger people who only care about earning enough money to have a good time. As such, they may not invest much care in the restaurant and may often leave without much notice, leaving you short-staffed. This is often a constant headache for restaurant managers.


Finally, your spare time can become minimal if you run a restaurant. Most establishments are open seven days a week. While you won’t be expected to be in every day, you may have to drop things in the event of emergencies that do require managerial intervention.


Ways of Becoming a Restaurant Manager

If you have not been put off by the challenges of being a restaurant manager and are still set on becoming one, there are several avenues for you to enter this role.


Working your way up the ladder

As mentioned, many restaurant managers started at the bottom and worked up to leadership roles. This method offers valuable experience every step of the way and equips an individual with in-depth knowledge of the restaurant.


However, becoming a manager via this method can take a long time. Additionally, many restaurants are choosing candidates with recognized qualifications, meaning all that experience might not count for much.


Previous similar roles

Those who have worked in various roles and sectors may have picked up the skills and experience necessary to become a successful restaurant manager.


For example, perhaps you were once a supervisor at a theater or a shop floor assistant manager. These roles may be enough to earn you a shot at becoming a restaurant manager.


However, many restaurants will want specific industry experience. This might mean that to become a restaurant manager, you will need to undergo additional training or even an entirely new degree.


Formal qualifications

Many restaurant managers enter the industry having completed a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree in a related field, such as business management or culinary arts. The advantage to this method is that you will likely have received in-depth training across all aspects of the role, and most hiring managers will recognize this as a huge benefit.


However, even though you will likely have taken part in practical experience during the training, it is nothing like the real thing. You may suffer a shock to the system when it is time for you to run the show.

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