Kale Black Bean Quesadillas is the Perfect Healthy snack

Kale black bean quesadillas are a super easy way to spice up any meal. In the spirit of sharing on what I like to cook with what I have, used four components that ALWAYS have (chopped up kale, refried beans, tomatoes, and cheese) to create go-to quesada. It’s endlessly customizable, hits the spot each time, and is so easy to prepare. Here’s the recipe for your enjoyment.

Start by preparing your veggies. I usually use Roma tomatoes in my vegetable basket, but if you don’t have them, any good quality red or green bell pepper will do. You’ll want to chop them finely. If you’d like to attempt making a pumpkin spice version, use a bit of a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice and blend with a bit of milk until smooth. Adjust your taste to your tastes!

Now it’s time to get your vegetables ready. You can slice up your kardashian or otherwise brown rice. Use your imagination. If you have a spicy pumpkin soup recipe, make sure to take that into consideration when slicing and blending your vegetables. I usually combine my veggies for a nice layered effect, but feel free to be free-range with your textures. A few carrots here, some tomatoes there, or even some spinach or chives (I’ve had great success with spinach or chives) for a unique look.

Now it’s time to prepare your actual quesadillas! I usually either use refried beans or ground corn as my base. The next step is to assemble the quesadillas. I usually just dip my tortillas in egg batter and then spoon them into the middle of my tortilla chips. Next, I place my kale (or black beans) on top and then bake the quesado for about one minute. If you want your quesadillas to be crispy, you can sprinkle a bit of flour onto the top and bake for another minute.

Once they’re almost fully cooked, you’ll want to serve them with a bit of sauce (my favorite is homemade tomato paste). A bit of fresh chopped tomatoes, some red onion, a bit of cilantro, and of course your black beans! As you eat them you’ll get a burst of flavor from the tomatoes and onions and from the black bean itself. It will have a kick that you’ll want to tell your friends about! Yum!

Another neat thing I like about quesadillas is how easy they are to eat. All you have to do is grab your fork and eat them up! I don’t know about you, but I find that when I eat something that is hard to eat, it usually isn’t as satisfying as when it’s easy to eat. Kale and quesadillas definitely fall into that category. You can add whatever you want to enhance the flavor if you want more garlic or onion, add them.

Best of all about these delicious treats is that they are super healthy too! The reason why that is so great is because you can eat them without worrying about any fats or clogged arteries! As you probably know, there are plenty of foods out there that are high in fat and that cause issues when it comes to obesity, heart disease, etc. By eating kale and quesado anytime you get the chance, you can easily lower your risk of those problems.

These healthy black bean quesadillas make a great healthy snack for any time of the day. I love to eat them while watching television or while I’m reading a book. They are also a fun treat for my husband, son, or grandchildren. In fact, I’ve enjoyed making them for years! Kale and quesadillas just makes them that much more special!

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