Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe – A Delicious and Easy Way to Cook

Easy Kimchi fried rice is a staple in my family. My mother learned to make it from an old cookbook and it is something our entire extended family enjoys. The key to the easy version is in the cooking ingredients and the different way of rolling and preparing the rice. For those unfamiliar with the dish, I will give you a quick lesson on how to make it.

For this recipe of easy kimchi fried rice I used the most common and popular Korean variety which is precut Napa Cabbage. I use one pound of uncooked cabbage per person. I also use half-inch thick cabbage. I caramelize it in a frying pan over medium heat, making it ideal for this kind of dish. You could also use other vegetables like broccoli and scallions instead of the cabbage.

Another secret behind easy kimchi fried rice is in the mixing of the rice and sweet onions. The onions give that sharp onion flavor that one associates with Korean dishes. The rice is also mixed with the same flavor. The result is an extremely mouth watering dish that one will surely love.

To learn how to make kimchi fried rice, one must first master the art of stir-frying. If you can stir-fry foods properly, you can easily make kimchi at home. You should always stir-fry the ingredients before putting them in the pot. You should also make sure that the ingredients are fully cooked before serving.

The secret behind how to make kimchi fried recipe is to brown the raw vegetables thoroughly. When they are browned, it becomes easier to stir-fry them. Kimchi is browned when it is placed in a hot wok. At high heat, the vegetables will be almost burnt. Use a pair of tongs or your finger to push the raw vegetables against the heat. Do not over cook the dish as you do not want it to become mushy.

Another secret behind how to make kimchi fried rice is to rinse the onions before using them in the recipe. Old rice porridge must be combined with ginger and salt. It will be much sweeter with the addition of the vegetables. This combination is also used in the traditional recipe of this delicious dish.

The third secret behind how to make kimchi fried rice is to cut the lengthwise edges of the green onions. When you slice the green onions, make sure that you do not go all the way to the base of the onion. This makes the dish soggy. If you want a crunchy dish, you can sprinkle the inside edge of the green onions with chili paste or lime sauce. This makes the dish taste better. Remember to soak the kimchi for at least two hours before making the dish.

The last secret behind how to make this easy kimchi fried rice recipe is to use the peels of the green onion. These peels have more nutrients than the white ones. You can use both the white and the green onions for this dish or you can choose to use only one or use both.

The next step is to use the slivers of the cabbage. In this recipe, you can leave the slivers of cabbage on the bottom of the kimchi to make kimchi-cabbage connection. By leaving the slivers of cabbage on the bottom of the kimchi, the nutrients of the cabbage will be more available for the body. When the body gets the full nutrients of the cabbage, it will be able to absorb the minerals and vitamins in this high-quality side dish.

Lastly, you can add your favorite taste and enjoy the best side dish you can have. To make this dish, you can mix the leftover rice (canned or water) in the pot along with the chopped green onions and the grated garlic. This is the secret behind making this dish taste so good. It contains the flavors of the pork as well as the aroma of the rice that you have been long preparing for the dinner.

Making this delicious kimchi fried rice recipe is simple. However, the secret behind its success is all about the preparation of the ingredients. Making this type of food does not only rely on the process of cooking. You also need to put much effort in adding and arranging your ingredients to create that perfect taste of homemade food.

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