Spring essentials for a brighter home

With the days edging longer and the spring bringing in a fresh feel and a new lease of life, revamping your home could be just what you need to shake off the cobwebs. Whether it’s a lick of paint or a complete rearrangement of furniture, making a few tweeks around your space could really help make you feel more alive.


Lighten up


A great way to bring the spring into your home is through lighting. We are beginning to see lighter evenings and can look forward to the morning commute in the sunlight so welcome in the spring light as it helps us feel more alive. Minimise clutter and give yourself a good spring clean to really open up your home to the light. You can replace heavier curtains with lighter ones and even enjoy waking up a little earlier as the sun rises. Switching out heavy accessories with lighter ones like swapping furs with soft linen can bring about a sense of fresher vitality and have you welcoming in the spring sun.


Adding a pop of Colour


With the weather gradually brightening up our moods and the daffodils beginning to flourish, making the inside of your home seem a little brighter could really do you some good. Whether you’re partial to a pop of pink or wouldn’t mind a lick of yellow, now is the time to go for it. Forget beiges, neutrals and nudes, think dynamic and exciting for a new lease of life. Just a simple feature armchair in pastel blue or a bold lamp shade in magenta could transform your home and your attitude for a fresh spring feel.


Home office space


When the majority of our lives have now moved online, creating a space that will allow your productivity to flourish and your focus to stay at optimal level, can give you a well needed separation between time online and time to relax. Not only do screens block hormones that help us sleep but they can also increase stress and strain on both your eyes and your mind. Create a space in your home where you can really focus without distractions and decorate with things that inspire you, maybe photographs from a holiday, a wild collection of plants or a world map with markings of where you’re hoping to travel. Make your goals a key feature of the room and let in all the light to really help with that Monday motivation. Whether you’re a work-from-homer living in a shared ownership home in Cheshire or a vlogger creating content from your shared ownership house in Surrey, put your mental health first and feel the benefits.


Make a move


If you need a little more than just a shake up of your interior and feel like you could do with a whole change up then 2021 is the best time to do it. Shared Ownership is a great way to go if you’re in a rush to move and don’t want to pay a hefty deposit or apply for a big mortgage. With a part-buy part-rent method that ensures your mortgage will be a manageable amount and rent is heavily discounted, shared ownership homes are the perfect way to make a move in 2022. With plenty available from shared ownership homes in Derbyshire to South London, take the opportunity of new beginnings in the spring time and get your hands on your dream home.

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