Top 5 foods to pair with whiskey

A drink can be made from many things. Beer, wine, and even coffee have been mixed into cocktails before. But what about whiskey? Whiskey is a type of alcohol distilled from fermented grain mash created in Ireland or Scotland back in the 16th century. It has a distinctive flavor and aroma with hints of caramel, vanilla, apple cider, grapefruit peel, and other smoke flavors.

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Bacon is a food that pairs well with many other types of alcohol, but what about whiskey? Smoked bacon goes great with the smoke flavors associated with this type of alcohol. Cut up some thick-cut smoked bacon and fry it in a pan over medium heat until crispy. Serve the pieces on top of an Irish Whiskey Sour or a similar cocktail made out of whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup (sugar dissolved in hot water), and egg white for added thickness.




Honeycomb is a type of candy that has been around since the 1800s. It’s made from all-natural honey and sugar, making it a perfect pairing for whiskey. There are many ways to incorporate honeycomb into cocktails with this alcohol. One example would be making an Irish Whiskey Sour with fresh lemon juice, simple syrup (sugar dissolved in hot water), and egg white added to the mix along with some pieces of honeycomb on top as garnish.


Cheese Plate


A cheese plate is a perfect snack to serve before or after a meal, along with some whiskey. It can be done at room temperature since it will melt slightly in your mouth during consumption, which pairs well with this type of alcohol. Pairing foods that are also somewhat sweet together has been done many times throughout history and works excellent for high-quality whiskeys. Try pairing other cheeses like cheddar instead if you prefer something more tangy than sweet on your palate.




Oysters are a type of seafood known for their distinct flavor and pairing possibilities. Oysters can be served raw, steamed, or baked, making them versatile enough to pair with different types of alcohol. Adding oysters into an Irish Whiskey Sour is just one example that works great since the tartness from the lemon juice will help balance out its natural saltiness. Try other whiskey cocktails like manhattans if you’re not interested in sour flavors, though!




Carpaccio is a thin-sliced raw beef often served with arugula and lemon juice on top. It also happens to be an Italian dish, which means it pairs well with the origin of whiskey! Carpaccio can be made from many different types of red meat ranging from bison to venison. The bloodiness associated with this type of alcohol will help make it more palatable and provide complex flavors without being cooked over high heat like other meats are customarily prepared at restaurants. This makes for an exciting pairing indeed!


Whiskey is a complex drink that can be paired with many different types of food. The five examples provided in this blog post are just a tiny taste of what’s possible when enjoying this type of beverage.


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